I produce live-events, art installations, light up city blocks with moving images and I scout locations under Numen Productions. I print. I web. I design and I develop. 3D animation and motion graphics has been my bread and butter, but I wear and have worn many different hats. I continue and will continue to try on many more (Twerpy Tone Custom Guitar Pedals coming 2016) and this is my world wide web page. Welcome.

This site serves as a personal portfolio site for myself, John Locke Alderson III. All rights are retained by the respective and prospective clients and/or former and current employers.

No animals were hurt in the making of this webpage, methinks GoalZero Sherpa kits are the future of electricity, the good folks at Kryptonite Bike Locks have THE best customer service EVAR!!! and food is actually free.

And thank you in advance, to Xilent! Turn it up.

nu•men /‘numin, ‘nyu–/ • Latin • a nod of the head